CASPA 2018 Student Scholarship

The awards have been presented at the CASPA Annual Conference and Dinner Banquet on Oct. 13, 2018.

Committee Chair: James Lei (雷俊钊), 2016 - 2017 CASPA President & Chairman

CASPA 2018 Student Scholarship Recipients: 

Nathan Chan, 陳昊忻

Father: Meyrick Chan

Mother: Kuanwen Huang

Mission San Jose High  

Justin Lei Chao 趙磊

 Father: Kai-Yuna Chao 趙開元

Mother: Shih Yun Liu 劉世筠

Beaverton High School   

Andrew Chen 陈瑞杰

Father: Gang Chen 陈刚

Mother: Yin Zhang 章莹

Mission San Jose High School  

Jason Dong 董子翔

Father: Qi Dong 董琪

Mother: Hui Zeng 增辉

Lynbrook High School  

Emily Fan 范佳慧

Father: Jianli Fan 范建利

Mother: Jin Cui 崔进

Cupertino High School  

Benjamin Shih 石邦耀

Father: Weichiang Shih

Mother: Yenyin Lee

Archbishop Mitty High School  

Victor Liu  刘泽源

Father: Jun Liu 刘军

Mother: Xiaobing Zhang 张笑冰

Saratoga High School  

Bingqi Lyu 吕冰琦

Father: Haibo Lu

Mother: Tracy Zhou

Monte Vista High School   

Jeffrey Chifang Ma 馬啟方

Father: Shawming Ma 馬紹銘

Mother: Chienwen Chang 張茜雯

Homestead High School  

Anthony Alexander Wang 王康如

Father: Michael A Wang 王安業

Mother: Anna Maria Machado-Wang 安娜王

Cambrian International Academy  

Dennis Woo 胡家興

Father: Steven Woo 胡國亮

Mother: Wingra Fang 方同涓

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley High

Sylvie Xu 许芷君

Father:  Chanson Xu 许超

Mother: Tina Zhang 张悦秋

Homestead High School, Cupertino CA  

Neil Yeung 杨钦浩

Father: Fai Yeung 杨晖

Mother: Leslie Xu 徐玲磊

Palo Alto High School

Charles Young

Father: Lin Yang 杨林

Mother: Min Gao高敏

Milpitas High School, Milpitas, CA  

James Ruijie Yu 俞睿捷

Evergreen Valley High School  

Jason Yanda Zhang 张彦达

Father: Jie Zhang 张杰

Mother: Yan Cheng 程彦

Monta Vista High School  

Rick Zhang 张睿轲

Father: Xiaodong Zhang

Mother: Min Liu

Lynbrook High School  

Derek Xiang 相潜

Father: Qi Xiang 相奇

Mother: Xiaomei Liu 刘晓梅

Lynbrook High School