CASPA 2013 Student Scholarship


CASPA 2012 Student Scholarship Recipients          



Brian Chao (趙彥傑)
Mother: Vivian Ma
Father: Charlie Chao
Mission San Jose High School
 I have loved technology for so long that I cannot even remember how early of age I was when my interest began to flourish. Throughout my life I have studied about computers and discovered my interest and talent in computer science, especially in the field of computer programming. Recently during my summer preceding senior year of high school, I took two classes at Mission College learning the arts of C++ and Java. Not only did I get to experience a college level class and expand my knowledge in computer programming, but I also got more confident on my own enthusiasm in computer science. Many think that computer programming involves sitting down at a computer and mindlessly typing away strings of codes and commands until the numbness reaches to the toes. To me, however, computer programming gives a chance for me to explore an unfamiliar terrain where I am the commander of the field, with power to change the landscape at my very whim. As I hammer away on my computer, I don’t see lines of codes but an expanse of opportunities lying in wait for me to discover new innovations or to implement methods no one else has thought of. Computer programming is definitely the path that I will always have interest in technology.

   During my high school life I have accomplished many things such as being team captain for a fundraising event called Relay for Life for two years. Also, my coach has nominated me to be the coming season’s badminton team captain. I was also an officer (secretary general) at a club in my school called biomedical club which gave me some great experience in leadership. Hopefully my senior year will not waste away and I shall be able to accomplish even more before I go to college. My next upcoming goal is to create a website for my badminton team and start-up a company with my good friends. Hopefully, all my plans will workout.




Grace Chang (臧仁筠)
Mother: Amy Chang
Father: Andy Chang
The Valley Christian High School

 In high school I have learned to juggle my academics, volleyball practices/tournaments, and my commitment for community service. Although community service is required at my school, it is something I truly enjoy. I have been helping raise money for the Relay for Life, Chinese Chapter event for the past three years. I believe community service is giving back to the community and also a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a person.

   About one month ago, I decided to volunteer most of my time at a nonprofit organization named One Million Lights. One Million Lights distributes clean, safe solar lights to impoverished areas around the world. This organization also brings awareness to toxic kerosene lamps and the danger of its usage. I chose to volunteer at this organization to help those without electricity.

   Currently I am working on a race sponsored by One Million Lights called Running for Light. All proceeds made at this event will go toward One Million Lights’ mission to deliver solar lights around the world. Due to my previous successful fundraising experience, I have been made the chairperson for the marketing team. This position has enabled me to reach out to many schools and places to market this event. The goal of this event is to raise $100,000. I have learned the importance of effective communication and to market large events like this.

   I believe I deserve to be awarded the CASPA Student Scholarship because of my dedication towards my community while balancing my busy schedule. If I am awarded this scholarship, it will help me with my tuition to a great college where I can grow to be a compassionate leader and make a difference in the world.