Senior Staff CPU Research Scientist (Contractor)
Jul 31, 2021 FutureWei,   Santa Clara, CA or Austin, TX

Job Title: Senior Staff CPU Research Scientist (Contractor)
Location: Santa Clara, CA or Austin, TX
To Apply: please send your resume to
We are looking for self-motivated researcher in computer architecture and microprocessor design. Candidates are required to perform job within the scope of following responsibilities:
• Lead research in the next generation microprocessor, SOC, heterogenous system design
• Architecture and performance study in CPU pipeline, micro-architecture, timing and PPA
• Work with micro-architect to define and evaluate various micro-architecture solutions
• Analyze benchmark and typical application workload, optimize system level performance.
• Knowledge about compiler, be able to research software hardware codesign and collaborate with application software team.
• Parallel program, high performance computing and GPGPU
• IC Design methodology and design space exploration
• Publish paper and patent from research results
• Must hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a related field with at least 4 years of relevant research experience.
• Excellent knowledge of microprocessor design including ISA, architecture, compiler, firmware Deep understanding in memory subsystem, cache coherent, cache coherent interconnect.
• Outstanding track record in research and publication.
• Excellent communication skills.