Senior Staff RAS Engineer (Contractor)
Jul 31, 2021 FutureWei,   Santa Clara, CA

Job Title: Senior Staff RAS Engineer (contract)
Location: Santa Clara, CA
To Apply: please send your resume to
We are hiring a Senior Staff RAS (Reliability , Availability, Serviceability) Engineer who will be responsible to plan and design RAS architecture for internal project and contribute to RAS standard development at international standard organizations such as RISC-V international and make contributions in open source community. In this role you will representing our company in standard working groups, working with industry partners to define RAS specification for CPU and SoC. It will also be your responsibility to safeguard internal project meeting corresponding market/product requirements.
• 10+ year system software experience with master’s degree or higher preferred
• Proved record of working in the related fields such as high-end server products
• Deep understanding the system architecture and how each component will contribute to the overall RAS functions
• Experience of using error injection to verify system flow
• Understand architecture related to CPU, cache, memory, interrupt controller and etc…
• Familiar with virtualization, Operating System, Debug, and Microprocessor Architecture
• Knowledge about ACP Platform Error Interface and how ACPI firmware and OS work together.
• Understand related ACPI tables and knows how to build these tables and use these tables.
• Knowledgeable about various error types and how to handle these errors. In deep experience in specific fields such as memory and cache, PCI AER or storage RAS is a plus.
• Excellent communication skills to work with other engineers around the world