Accelerating in Artificial Intelligence (CASPA 2018 Annual Conference & Dinner Banquet)
Oct 13, 2018

Thanks to our Annual Conference Dinner Banquet Speakers, some of them give us the permission to share the slides.

Keynote speech:

Ivo Bolsens' presentation slides: The Era of Domain Specific Compute Architectures

Norman Chang's presentation slides: Enabling Data-driven Modeling and Simulation with ML/DL

Robert Blake's presentation slides: AI/ML Hardware Challenges

Panel Discussion:

Sue Xu's presentation slides

Zhe Zhang's presentation slides

Ramine Roane's presentation slides

Nara Srinivasa's presentation slides


CASPA 2018 Annual Conference Morning Session

Welcome Remark from CASPA 26th President & Chairman

Outlook of China and Beijing IC Industry (by Rui Zhou, Vice GM, IC park)

CASPA 2018 Annual Conference Afternoon Session 

Welcome remark from 26th CASPA president & chairman 

Speech 1: Unlocking Real-Time Insights thru Unifying Data and Artificial Intelligence (by Ziya Ma, VP, Intel)

Speech 2: Artificial Intelligence: Welcoming of the next lifestyle revolution (by Kelvin Low, VP, ARM)

Speech 3: Semiconductor Empowering AI (by Gunjeet Baweja, Managing Director, Jefferies LLC)

Speech 4: Enabling Data-driven Modeling and Simulation with ML/DL (by Norman Chang, Chief Technologist, ANSYS)

Speech 5: The Era of Domain Specific Compute Architectures (by Ivo Bolsens, CTO, Xilinx)

Speech 6: Robert Blake Addressing AI/ML Hardware Challenges (by Robert Blake, CEO, Achronix)

Panel discussion

BoD election 

Prize Drawing

CASPA 2018 Dinner Banquet

26th President & Chairman Yearly Review Speech. Leadership Transition

Retired BoD Recognition Awards. 27th President & Chairman Inaugural Address Speech

Keynote Speech by Gary E. Dickerson, CEO and president of Applied Materials, Inc.

Scholarship Award

Band Performance from Antaris Orchestra