Jimmy Tao  陶近翁  

Jimmy is a CASPA lifetime member, General manager of COMPANION Precision Ceramics USA Inc.  He actively participates events hosted in headquarter and China area since 2014. Now he is taking leadership of Beijing Chapter. He entered semiconductor equipment manufacturing and application area around 2008 and also took part-time work as COO in a Non-profit organization in silicon valley 2 years, successfully developed members from 2000 to 20 thousands. He graduated with MS in Material engineering from University of Florida.

Xiaoguang Lei  雷小光  

Mr. Xiaoguang Lei is a lifetime CASPA member and helps lead CASPA Beijing chapter. Xiaoguang Lei has over 15 years of experience in semiconductor field and worked as senior marketing engineer for Avnet Inc. Now he is leading his own startup company on circuit design and components bushiness. He received Bachelor Degree in automatic control from North China Institute of technology.